Welcome to the Mecklenburg Medical Alliance & Endowment Website.
MMAE is an independent nonprofit with a mission to advocate for a healthier community. We’ve been in existence for over 79 years and through our Endowment, the Alliance has returned well over a million dollars to the community to support health related projects.
Finding Your Way Through a Safe Healthcare Journey

Eventually each of us will find ourselves in the role of either a patient or a caregiver and what we need to know to make informed decisions is critical. What are our rights as patients?
MMAE is pleased to announce that Patty Skolnik, Founder and Director of Citizens for Patient Safety will serve as keynote speaker for the Medical Alliance’s 7th Annual Community Health Luncheon to be held at Myers Park Methodist Church, 1501 Queens Road, on Thursday, February 20, at 11:30 a.m. Her topic, Finding Your Way Through a Safe Healthcare Journey, is one of utmost importance.

It was the tragic loss of her son, Michael, that transformed Ms. Skolnik into an advocate for patients and families in healthcare. She urges patients and providers to take a collaborative approach to treatment, encourages patients to ask questions and to seek second opinions. Her goal is to promote conversations in healthcare settings that reduce medical harm.

Named one of CNN’s “Intriguing People,” Patty Skolnik has been invited to the White House to discuss healthcare. She has appeared on the Today Show and on The Doctors. Ms. Skolnik conducts educational workshops for both patients and medical professionals. She has created a health history notebook to assist both families and individuals keep both current and accurate medical histories.

Tickets are $30 per person and available for purchase online. Mark the date...February 20. It might just be the most important meeting you ever attend.
To focus...to concentrate one’s effort or attention on something!
Think of a camera... point, focus, and, if the light passes through the lens at the proper angle...we get a clear image.

Now think of MMAE...as an organization, our focus is on healthcare. Through education and support of health-related projects, our goal is to shine a light on how Charlotte/Mecklenburg can become a healthier place to live. To achieve this goal, the Medical Alliance offers the general public and our members the opportunity to participate in of informative health educational programs.

We do this through MMAE’s Annual Community Health Luncheon, when we bring nationally recognized experts to Charlotte and invite the public to learn first hand about a specific area of health or medicine.

We also focus on healthcare through our Endowment program; 2013 marks the 30th Anniversary of the foundation of our Alliance Endowment. As an organization, MMAE has provided well over a million dollars in financial support to a wide range of worthy health-related projects.
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For example, in one recent project MMAE partnered with MEDIC to provide CPR instruction and life saving automatic external defibrillators (AED’s) to Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools and area non-profits.

Along with MMAE’s educational efforts in the broader community, we offer our members the opportunity to participate in monthly educational programs of a more informal nature. In the upcoming year, monthly programs for dues paying members will feature speakers on topics that range from Cooking for Your Health to an over view on What’s Happening? - Looking at the Rise in and Research on Dementia and Memory Disorders.

In January, we heard from local author, Helen Weaver, about her new book, One Percent Chance - A Mother's Story (available for purchase on Amazon.com) which details her family’s emotional journey and eventual triumph over cancer, when the family’s 5 year old is diagnosed. Her experience provides inspiration and hope for any family that has or will face a medical crisis. Also in the works are plans for a guest speaker from Our State Magazine, to join us at MMAE’s Annual Meeting.

Speaking of joining, we hope you found this snapshot of the 2013-14 Medical Alliance upcoming year informative. We’d love to have you join us! Your support allows MMAE to make a difference!